Welcome to The Mindful Inquisitor! This is a blog created by Sydney Bright, who will explore various intellectual, academic, and philosophical topics. He truly believes that the honest pursuit of knowledge leads to one end. He believes that differing subjects hold a common thread of meaning. He believes that the pursuit to knowledge leads to both inner peace, and worldly peace. The purpose of this blog is to share his ideas, while engaging in others in this worldly pursuit. For more information, please see his initial blog post here.

Latest Blog Posts

Technology and Global Enlightenment

Where is technology taking us? Will robots surpass us in intelligence and replace us altogether one day? Will we combine with the machine in some symbiotic merge that creates a new super being, or are machines merely tools that will […]

The DMN: The brain network holding us back from altered consciousness

René Descartes famously stated, “I think therefore I am.” A concept centered around the idea that the existence of our meta-conscious thought proves our existence. Furthermore, it denotes a sense of self-derived from the presence of our thinking. What if […]

Incubation: The Lost Wisdom of Meditation in the West

Throughout my inquiry into the science of meditation, I often ponder why meditation is not a part of our cultural norm. It is so ancient and beneficial, yet it is a lost art. Sure, it is still alive in regions […]

Meditation and Stress Resilience

Modern life, despite all our technology, can still feel challenging. Many of us work very long hours to make ends meet, burdened by stress that can dramatically affect our health. The internet provides us with a wealth of helpful knowledge […]

The Benefits of Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Presence is a crucial aspect of mental and physical health. This idea is not only espoused by religious teachers, but is slowly validated within scientific research. Much of this blog is devoted to exploring the scientific validation of mindfulness practices […]


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