Welcome to my poems page. Sometimes, when I get the urge to write a poem. I will post it here. Hope you enjoy them.

The Experience

When I investigate a mirror, what do I see?
Is it a reflection of the self, or is it just me?

When I look at my hand, 
So complex, so grand.
Am I looking at me this time?
Or is simply a lineage of time.

What about pain, joy, ecstasy?
Surely, I experience these!
They are what make me, me.
Descartes surely agrees.

Perhaps this is untrue after all,
An illusion of the great mystery.
The experience is not detached at all,
The moment is me. 

-Sydney Bright

Why do I struggle?
Why can’t my life be easy, like those on TV?
Why can’t I make money?
I work hard, study hard, yet it is not easy.
Why can’t I find love?
I am honest and kind, yet no one has been sent from above.
Why can’t I be healthy?
I exercise, eat well, yet some part of my body is always uneasy.

Why am I imperfect?
Nothing I seem to do is right, and therefore I must be wrong.
I cannot be weak, so I must learn to become strong.
So I sit.

They say sitting is the path to a strong and calm mind.
Once you obtain it, all the struggle is left behind. 
Yet when I sit, there is nothing but noise.
Yet again I struggle, I cannot be poise. 

As I sit and I struggle, I am imbued with imperfection.
As I sit and struggle still, I realize this is my lesson.
Everything is all good.
I am perfect because I am imperfect.
I am great because I struggle.

Joy comes from struggle.
The calm follows the storm.
No life has meaning without trouble.
Through struggle enlightenment is born.

-Sydney Bright