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Meditation and Stress Resilience

Modern life, despite all our technology, can still feel challenging. Many of us work very long hours to make ends meet, burdened by stress that can dramatically affect our health. The internet provides us with a wealth of helpful knowledge but also bombards us with headlines that can make us uneasy about the state of […]

How Meditation Works Mindfulness and Meditation

How Meditation increases Vagal Tone via Breath

In recent years, mindfulness meditation has been gaining traction as a form of therapy to address various health-related issues. In a previous blog post, I discussed how meditation is a promising technique to alleviate anxiety and depression. Previously, I examined the effects of mindfulness meditation through a psychological perspective. However, I find that the science […]

Health How Meditation Works Mental Health Mindfulness and Meditation

A Blast to the Past: The Potential Use of Mindfulness Meditation as a Treatment for Depression as a Replacement to Modern Pharmaceutical Methods

Abstract There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that depression is becoming a major health concern for the modern world. Given the multitude of stressors advanced civilization provides, people are increasingly ruminating over the past and future. These repetitive non-constructive thoughts provide stress both in the mind and physically manifest itself in our bodily systems, […]