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The Importance of Freeing the Mind to Change Behavior

Humans, like other organisms, are creatures of habit. Our experiences in life influence our future behavior. Additionally, habits formed cement themselves as they are repeated. I once heard the analogy that the mind is like a mountain covered in snow. When we follow a train of thought, it is akin to riding a sled down the mountain. Each time the sled slides down that snow, it creates a paved path. The more the same path is taken, the deeper that paved path becomes, to the point where it is very difficult to sled any other path because you will naturally fall into the deeply paved path. Meditation is a way of having fresh snowfall upon the mountain so that you can once again choose any path you desire.

There is great power and freedom in having control over our minds, thoughts, and behaviors. Many of us are burdened by mental frameworks of stress, anxiety, and depression. These may also translate into unhealthy behaviors that may negatively affect us, or our family, community, and planet. We need to consider the importance of where our thoughts may take us.

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By Sydney Bright

Passionate about understanding the human body in terms of health and happiness, Sydney Bright aims to use modern scientific research to promote more ancient wisdom. As a young child, Sydney attended a Chinese immersion school, where he was introduced to not only the Chinese language, but Chinese culture and traditions. His immersion education continued through high school, instilling within him a deep respect for philosophies surrounding holistic health and well-being. With a Master of Science degree, Sydney dives deep into the scientific literature to explain the importance of holistic health, in a new and modern way. It is his sincere intent and hope that those who read his work gain a new perspective on how to promote well-being in their own lives.

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